#NextAwaits with Hyundai

“While other companies are still making promises about what will come, we have been delivering low- and zero-emission cars across Europe with several ground-breaking new models” states Hyundai Motor. In the context of their #NextAwaits Hyundai Progress Driving Experience I was invited to Amsterdam to test their brand new Models: The new IONIQ electric and the new KONA hybrid.

Hyundai’s new KONA hybrid

The 2-day happening was not only about electric transportation and Hyundai, but also about sustainability and environmental responsibility in general. Amsterdam, the city that is dedicated to remaining a frontrunner in electric transportation and that strives to ensure that as much traffic in the city as possible will be emission free by 2025 was therefore the perfect choice to hold this European-wide event. Everyone that has ever been to Amsterdam will be surprised by how many bikes and electric vehicles can be seen on the streets. The city definitely uses the right approach to future mobility and sustainability.

Caught the rainbow 🙂

The first day was all about the presentation of the All-New Hyundai i10, the electric compact car that had its world premiere only days later at the IAA in Frankfurt. After the transportation to the “Muziekgebouw” by E-Boats, we were able to witness the new i10 generation with its dynamic design during a great evening show.

Transport to the evening event by E-Boat
Hyundai’s all new i10

On the second day we could finally get behind the wheels. Both cars proved to be very smooth and quiet in running, very spacious in the interior, fast in charging and the perfect companion not only for the countryside, but also for the heart of the city. The comfortable driving experience was supported by the newest technological safety systems and the reduced or even zero emissions.

Hyundai’s new IONIQ electric

We spent the whole day driving the new KONA hybrid and the new IONIQ electric whilst enjoying Amsterdam and the countryside around the city. The weather was typical for the Netherlands, at the same time windy and sometimes raining, but also sunny and often warm. Luckily we took a rest at a beautiful photo spot when suddenly a wonderful rainbow appeared. As you can see, we used the situation to take some pictures of us and the car.

Thanks a lot for having me at this great event, Hyundai! I will surely think about switching to an electric or hybrid car for my daily business commute. Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you enjoy the pictures 😊

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The ESAF stadium from above

I had the big pleasure to be part of Switzerland’s biggest sports and cultural festival which is organized only every third year, the “Eidgenössisches Schwing- und Älplerfest”. This year’s edition was held in the City of Zug, the capital city of the canton where I was born and raised. I lived in Zug for several years, which made the event even more special to me.

The fights are held on total 7 fields

For this 2-day long competition event, a provisional stadium which holds over 56’000 spectators is built up over several months. Over the 3-day festive period, more than 400’000 visitors found their ways to Zug.

For this special occasion, I was part of the social media team and provided not only pictures of the event, but also real-time insights through Instagram stories all around the event. From the bull the winner will take home through the happenings in the party tents to visitors, stone throwing or interviews with helpers. You can check the stories on my Instagram Page and the official account of the ESAF Zug in the highlighted stories.

One of the charming fountains to refresh the athletes
Close to the fights

Es war mir eine grosse Freude, dass ich Teil der grössten Sport- und Kulturveranstaltung in der Schweiz sein konnte, dem «Eidgenössischen Schwing- und Älplerfest». Diesjähriger Austragungsort des alle drei Jahre stattfindenden Grossereignis war Zug, die Hauptstadt meines Heimkantons und während mehrerer Jahre mein Wohnort. Daher war das Fest für mich noch umso bedeutender.

Für die 2-tätige Wettkampfperiode wurde während mehrerer Monate ein provisorisches Stadion aufgebaut, welches mehr als 56’000 Besuchern Platz bietet. Während den drei Festtagen pilgerten mehr als 400’000 Menschen nach Zug.

Empty tribunes before the competitions

An diesem Grossanlass war ich Teil des Social Media Teams und habe einerseits Bildmaterial zur Verfügung gestellt, andererseits aber habe ich den Besuchern der Social Media Seiten tiefe Einblicke rund um das Schweinfest gewährt. Über Instagram Stories konnte ich so ein Bildvermitteln, was denn neben dem Sägemehl alles passiert. Vom Siegerbullen über Einblicke in die Festzelte, das Eintrudeln der Besucher früh morgens oder Interviews mit fleissigen Helfern oder Festbesuchern war alles dabei. Die Stories können auf meiner Instagram Seite sowie dem offiziellen ESAF Zug Account unter den fixierten Stories nachgeschaut werden.

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Shooting with Salzmann Hairgroup

There are times when I stand in front of the camera, and not behind it. Like last time, when I was modelling for the new campaign of Salzmann Hairgroup. You can find some of the results in and around the stores in Baar and Zürich, Switzerland.

Manchmal stehe ich nicht vor, sondern hinter der Kamera. So wie letztes Mal, als ich als Modell für die neue Kampagne der Salzmann Hairgoup im Einsatz war. Ein paar der Resultate können in den Filialen in Baar und Zürich angesehen werden.

Pictures: Felix Eidenbenz

Calendar 2019 available – A3 Format

It’s a great pleasure to announce that my 2019 calendars are now available. It consists of 13 of my best shots made during this year on my travels all over the world. Switzerland is in focus of course, but you can also find pictures of Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, China, Spain or the US.

You can purchase your copy for 35 CHF (Swiss Francs) or the equivalent in USD or EUR. Shipping worldwide. Additional shipping costs: 7 CHF Switzerland, 9 CHF Europe, 11 CHF Rest of the World. Payable through bank transfer or paypal. Contact me via michael.iten@fuji-san.ch of transfer the payment through online banking and i will ship the calendar to you:

Account Nr: 0235 00538570.40V
IBAN: CH79 0023 5235 5385 7040 V

Of course your purchase can also be seen as you supporting my photography journeys! Thank you so much for that!
































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Website goes online!

Hey there!

Here we go, my website goes online. Enjoy the shots, and hit me up for feedback or anything else! See you roaming!


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